Dookie, Dakota and Scarface!

Hello again. Its been exactly 3 months and 14 days since I last updated. Quite a bit has happened since then as you can imagin, but I'll just give you the highlights.

I'll start with the sad news so you don't have to leave on a bad note, Dookie, my oldest hamster, died of old age. It was very sad but not entirely unexpected. She lived a long hamster life of almost four years, and wasn't in any pain or distress as far as we could see, she was still running of the wheel and eating healthily, and breathing at a normal pace. But there comes a time for all hamsters to go, sometimes a little earlier then one would have liked.

If that wasn't enough sorrow, Dakota caught a cold just a couple of days after Dookie died, and a cold on top of her broken heart couldn't be healed. She died shortly after Dookie, maybe a month at best.

Just before the tragedy of Dakota's death arose, we got a new hamster. Her name is scarface. We we're planning to find a more flattering name, but its too late now.
As you may have guessed, scarface had a lot of scars on her face when I chose her. There were many other hamsters that looks prettier then scarface, but I felt bad for her being the smallest and most bullied hamster in her pack.

As you can see by th picture I attached, scarface is a half albino, half blond hamster, with dark red eyes, a blond upper body and a white lower body. She is a very lovely hamster, but at the moment she's too scared to be held by humans, without trying to
jump away, and it will take a couple more weeks for us to gain her trust. It was the same with Dakota.

Scarface isn't photographed easily, she seems a bit confused as to what the camera is, so please forgive my out of focus or smudgy photography.

Now, I better move on to some more news. I, as you may know, am a very big Harry Potter fan, so I've decided to buy myself (and Mari) a wand from Alivan's! A small, trustworthy and well known wand making company.

I've been looking at quite a few, and have decided that the Indian Rosewood (Also know as Sheesham) wand would be really good, but I'm not 100% sure its the one for me. Its 13 3/4 inches, which is a good length for me, pretty cheap ($15.99,) and very simple. They call it The Apprentice Wand, meaning a practicing wand, which I think is needed here :P

The Apprentice Wand is handcrafted of beautiful Indian Rosewood (Sheesham) and it is just right for a young wizard or Witch's spellcasting. Also perfect for both love charms and healing this wand has wonderful overall presence.

<-- The Apprentice Wand.

But perhaps I'll get a finely carved wand with twists and curls. I'll have to ask Mari's advice on that one.

At Alivan's they also sell stuff like broomsticks and Hogwarts school uniforms and cloaks, but Isabelle has already asked to make us some cloaks, and I don't know what I'd do with a broomstick, except maybe feel the urge to clean :P

Back to normal life, I've started to cook some Vegan recipes and they're so good I never feel as though I need or want to go back to eating dairy products. My most recent creation was a rhubarb cake, as seen in the picture <--

It's really good and no one tastes the difference. Vegweb is the best vegan recipe site I've been to. One can even make Vegan chocolate cake, that's so good its eaten within a mere hour!

Anyway, I better be off now. I have websites to code, people to speak to and games to win, oh yes, and wand choosing to attend to. I'll try to update more often, until then goodbye!


Over the holidays!

Hey readers. Sorry I didn't update in a while. I was a little bit busy over the holidays. I made a new layout though, and as you can see I made a spring theme. I always thought spring started on the 21st of March, but some people say its now on the 1st of March. Apparently is has been brough forward due to global warming. Either way, I really did need a new layout :P

As you can see in the title, I am about to tell you what I did over this short two week holiday.
Mari got to go Skiing with our neighbor Theo and his family, so me mom and Tomas decided to do something fun as well.

First we went to Hippopotamus which is one of those resturaunts that sales loads of meat and has a lot of Americans in there, even though we're in France :P
It was very nice though. In the end we got to keep the Hippopotamus shaped swizzle sticks to mix drinks and the Hippopotamus shaped things they put in food for decoration. :)

Then a couple of days later we went to a local Nature reserve Park that only kept animals that they had saved or taken from Circuses or Zoos. most of the park is a drive through one so the animals aren't in cages, but there was some parts where you could walk around.

We saw all different kind of animals, Deer, Oxes, Elephants, Giraffs, Zebras, Lions, more deer, Hippos, Ostridges, Bears, goats, wolves, tigers, otters, snakes, red pandas, turtles, Lynxes, and loads more I'm not listing.

My favorite we're the Giraffs, hippos, tigers, Elephants and wolves, but I most likely would have liked the otters one the best if they hadn't been sleeping.

The Giraffs had these really tall pilers that had a huge cube of hay attached to them to they didn't have to bend their necks to eat. I've heard a myth that if Giraffs lower their heads to the ground, they will for some reason vomit. I always think of how long it'd, take because they're necks are so long…

"What are those rocks doing there?" you might be asking. Or at least that's what I thought at first glance. But this is none other then a family of Hippopotamus. All six (there's a hidden baby) of these Hippos are lazily sleeping in the sun. As you can see they have a huge lake to swim in, and they are obviously well fed :D

In the bear section, there was about 15 bears, most of which were black bears. There was a couple of brown bears too though.

All the bears (especially the one in the picture) reminded me of Gracie for some reason. Almost more then the wolves did. They're body language was almost identical to Gracie's even though they're so different. They did stuff like walk slowly like Gracie, Curl their paws like Gracie, smell around like Gracie and even roll around the same (though that reminded me more of Iris).

Just when you arrive at the walk-through part of the park there is this really hard and funny maze, that seems to go on forever and has loads of bridges and dead ends. There wasn't really a middle, it was more like you had to try and get onto the bridges. One could try to look for a way to another bridge standing on a bridge themselves, but I personally didn't find it did much help :P

There was also a goat petting farm where about 25 goats just lazed around being pat by people and always biting buttons, bags and shoe laces. They has these very tall logs and stumps for the goats to stand on. It always looked really odd when they got up onto them.

There were also loads of birds, small monkeys, kangaroos, tigers, more deer, rinos and much more at the walk though part, and there was a separate part that was made for the reptiles which was really cool, but for today I think I'm done with describing them :)

We may go back to the Animal Park soon, (we still didn't see the owls, monkeys, castle or gardens yet) and I'll describe the other animals then if we go. Goodnight for now, and I hope you like my new layout :D


Can't think of title...

Hey readers. Its been almost a month since I last updated, and there's not that much to talk about really :P
I've been busy with my homeschooling work, and hadn't really had much time for updating my blog. There's been a lot going on on neopets also so I've been rather busy.

Thomas and I made a new book shelf near my bed, I sort of helped Thomas with some gardening and I've also been doing some photoshop for Thomas's movie.

I spend most of the day with Mari who was home today because she had a fever. The weather has been very nice over the last couple of days and I managed to take a couple pictures of some really nice flowers growing everywhere in the garden.

Gracie and Iris have been playing in the garden a lot. Iris has become obsessed with football. She never brigs the ball back though, she just chases it and waits for me to come and kick it again. Gracie often fake fights Iris for the ball just to say "I'm the boss". :P

We captured a couple more baby mice. The problem is, they're so fast I can't ever get a good picture of them. They run so quick, they seem to vanish. I''ll post a movie of them on my next post :)

Me and Mari have been doing a lot of cooking lately (when she wasn't sick).
This pizza was suppose to be a Harry Potter pizza, but when it was put in the oven it sort of messed up a little :P
we made everything put the tomato sauce under the thin layer of cheese. Mari made the dough herself :)

I also made some cakes and pies. I forgot to take a photo of the pie though...

Thomas took Mari, her friend Theo and me to the ice skating rink on Sunday. There weren't that many people there which was good. Thomas told me that the machine that freezes the ice is the same machine as the one that makes the water in the swimming pool warm. My mom doesn't think its true though :P

I've been learning a little about Klein bottles for a while now. The Klein bottle is of course related to the Möbius strip which I find very interesting. :D

But that's all I have time for tonight. I'll update again sooner then I did before. Adn I'll probably make a new layout. until then, goodbye.


I haven't updated all year...

Hey everyone. Sorry I didn't update my blog over the Christmas holidays. It was pretty busy in the house and I couldn't fine the time.
Anyway, my holiday was really fun. Kelli stayed for about two weeks, and we had a lot of fun with her here. She taught us how to play some card games like poker and also showed us some cool magic tricks :P
It was really nice to have her around.

We got a family Christmas present this year. Its a lap top called a OLPC XO-1 (er…I think anyway) and because we bought it, a kid in Africa or India or somewhere gets one to help them with their education :D
You can read more about it here if you want. Its quite interesting :)

It hasn't snowed here yet, but the pond in the park did freeze over and it got pretty cold. Kelli taught us that if you throw a rock across the ice and theres an odd sort of echo when it slides, that means there is water under the ice and its not stable. A really useful trick I've found. Thomas says if it does snow it won't be until around February.

We're still trying to take down our Christmas decorations, but can't seem to do it. We trimmed the tree so it has no more branches, but still have the trunk and the lights up. As for the stockings, we stuffed them with the baubles from the tree and they don't seem to go anywhere yet. We're not sure weather to burn the wreath... and the tinsel makes such a nice reflection we can't seem to move it. But I'm sure we'll be able to do it soon... Probably the day we send off the gifts to you Jess, leah, and CJ. Which will be soon we promise :)

Anyway, Here are some links to some cool news reports and videos mom showed me. Enjoy :D

This kinda grosses me out a bit. Could you imagine finding one of these in your house? But in a way their kinda cute. I hope they don't do loads of tests and stuff on them... I hate when they do that.

A girl called Annette Obrestad beat a famous poker player Doyle Brunson in the World Series of Poker :D
She is only 19 And won £1m!
I'm glad to see a girl win :P
You can read more here.

If your boared, here are 45 Things You Can Learn Online for Free :P

I don't know if anyone needs some storage tips, but heres some if you need it :P

and that's all for tonight. I'll update again soon. Maybe in about a week or so.
Until then, bye :)